At Brickmill Marketing Services, we’re passionate about fundraising.

When you select a fundraising partner, do you look for a track record of proven performance and forward-thinking innovation?

Fundraising is in our DNA

At Brickmill Marketing Services our passion is driving revenue for non-profit organizations using data-led direct marketing strategies. In our 33 years of fundraising experience, we’ve built a diverse team of problem solvers fluent in both the art and science of non-profit direct marketing. Brickmill partners with non-profits spanning nearly every charitable mission. We also support peer fundraising agencies from coast to coast, helping to bring award-winning creative to life using proprietary direct mail production capabilities.

Whether we collaborate on a single high-response donor acquisition campaign or a comprehensive multi-year program, Brickmill delivers reliable, industry-leading fundraising performance through a disciplined approach that puts net revenue first.

Brickmill simplifies fundraising execution down to a single point of contact for direct mail, online and new media channels. Our team is accountable for your revenue performance every step of the way. Our agency was founded by a non-profit. We believe that non-profits deserve more from an agency than the old fashioned “pitch and bid” mentality.

Our primary mission is to be a bellwether of secure fundraising performance for non-profits, every day of the year in any economic climate.

Revenue first, strategy first

Non-profits count on the Brickmill team to expand revenue streams through cost-efficient donor relationship management techniques. We create custom strategies in response to detailed analysis that looks both inward at your organization’s donor file and outward to new market opportunities. As a result, we balance your immediate net revenue needs while maximizing lifetime donor value.

Brickmill deploys lean, growth-oriented fundraising programs built upon a rock-solid foundation in direct mail marketing. Our staff of expert fundraisers engineer unparalleled revenue performance for non-profits through intuitive market knowledge, creative expertise and analytical ability. Brickmill leverages proprietary database systems, RFM-based analytics and financial modeling, seamlessly executed across print, digital and new media channels.

Meet our team

We welcome you to look inside our agency. We are eager to share experiences that demonstrate our relentless pursuit of new net revenue benchmarks. Contact Us today.


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